Jun 04 2017

Annual Retreat-Edmonton 2017

Edmonton Annual Retreat – 22 & 23 April

The months of April and May are gone, and we are looking forward for a great summer.  These two months have been busy, first on April we celebrated Easter, the second week of Easter the Spanish Speaking Couples of Edmonton had their Annual Retreat, we were blessed to have Father Christian from Montreal to facilitate our Retreat; then on the third week of Easter Fr. Augusto went to Winnipeg to facilitate their Annual Retreat, and we heard that  they were so  delighted  that they wanted to keep him there.

In Edmonton we were very happy to have 42 couples attending the Retreat on the 22nd and 23rd of April.  Thank you all for your commitment and support, and help with all the different needs to facilitate the retreat .  We want to share all the pictures but for now we are posting some and we will be sharing many more in a few weeks.  We would like to hear from you, so please pass along this message and send your comments to: media@ensedmonton.org


Mar 12 2017

Announcement – New Responsible Couple and Spiritual Counselor for the Canada Region




Good News; it is with great excitement and pride that we would like to share some great news.

Alexandra Cevallos and Jose Leon were called to the service as the new Canada Region Responsible Couple and Father Augusto Garcia as the new Spiritual Counselor for the Canada Region!!! And they have accepted their service. What a blessing for the Sector and the whole Canada Region!

Their term begins in July 2017 and is for a period of 4 years. Alexandra and Jose are taking over from Louise and Yvon Boucher who you may have met during our Annual Retreat 2016. The following are the words from the International Responsible Team to TOOL members:

“Alexandra Cevallos and Jose Leon, the former responsible couple of the Alberta Sector answered a generous YES to the call from the IRT (International Responsible Team) as being the new Responsible Couple for the Canada Region.  They are a couple who we love very much and they have all that is needed to stimulate the growth of the Region.  They are young, dynamics, with a huge faith in Christ and the Movement.  We give thanks to God for having chosen them and we thank them for having accepted so generously to serve the Canada Region.    We ask you to keep them into your prayers so that they feel supported in their new Mission.”

“We are very happy to announce you that Father Augusto Garcia has accepted to serve the Movement as Spiritual Counselor for the Canada Region. He will accompany the Team that Alexandra and Jose will put in place to guide us for the 4 next years.  He is from Alberta Sector.”

Alexandra and Jose, thank you so much for generous YES to this new mission! Your most recent service as the previous Alberta Sector Responsible Couple, your work with Father Augusto with the International Satellite Team, your testimony, the Sector support and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance will serve you well in your new role; a role with great responsibility and commitment. Congratulations!

Father Augusto thank you very much for your total commitment, for your unconditional love to the Movement and for having planted 16 years ago, together with the first team, a seed that continues to bear great fruits today. Your new service as our Region’s Spiritual Counselor is indeed a gift from God. Congratulations!

Mar 12 2017

Annual Retreat Fort McMurray

February 18, 2017 – We had a great retreat in Fort McMurray. Six couples attended the day and the Spiritual Counsellors were also able to be present for most of the day as well. We concluded the retreat with a special Mass, co-celebrated with Father Augusto Garcia, where the entire Parish community heard of the TOOL Retreat.

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